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Self-Control Cybernetics

The Virtual Ego

Timeless Block-Universe Determinism

Mental Construct Processing

1st-order control
1st-order creator of acts of will
1st-order willer
2nd-order control
accepting on faith that the other level of rulership accepts this level of rulership
accustomed egoic restraints
accustomed moral restrictions
accustomed moral rules
accustomed personality structures
accustomed sense of personal existence
advanced imaginative rational model-manipulation
advanced rationality
agency-responsibility convention
agent animation
all-inclusive block-universe
alleged referent object
associative dissolution
assumed danger of puppet mode
attempting to shut out destabilizing thoughts/insights
attention aversion
auto-conflation of symbol and referent
autonomous agency
autonomous self-steering entity
autonomous sovereign ego-agent
autonomous will
autonomous, controlling entity who wields power while moving through time
awareness feedback
begging for reprieve
beloved puppet
binding the self-control loop
blatant perceptual distortion
block universe
block-universe determinism
block-universe slavery
blowing up of ego power
body telepresence
bubble of hyper-solipsism
bubble of perception
cartoon bubble
cartoon representation
cartoon representation/referent splitting
cartoon-like mental construct
catastrophic breakthrough in collective self-knowledge
catastrophic breakthrough in self-knowledge
catastrophic comprehension
catastrophic foundation collapse
catastrophic shift
causal-chain determinism
ceremonial violation of self will
closed future
code of conduct
cognitive binding intensity
cognitive dis-integration
cognitive disintegration
cognitive dissociation
cognitive feedback
cognitive habit-patterns
cognitive self-control cybernetics
cognitive transcendence
cognitive-association slippage
collective delusion
collective delusion lock-in
collective transcendence
conceptual lock-on
conceptual ruttedness
concretization of time
concretization of time and perception
conditioned sense of responsible agency
conflated layer
conflation layer
conscious locus of control
conscious perception of puppethood
conscious total dependence on the prior (higher, underlying)higher-level controller-projection/displacement
conscious will-injection
consciousness of puppethood
continuant ego-agent
continuant, time-voyaging self
control agency
control agent
control ballast
control beyond control
control breakdown
control breakdown vortex
control breakdown/cancellation vortex
control clutching
control coercion
control core logic crash
control dissemination
control feedback potential
control hierarchy
control latchinglogical control vortex
control panic
control power
control seizure and paralysis
control singularity
control singularity beacon
control singularity realization
control stability
control stabilizer
control vortex
control-action worldline
control-breakdown mental construct
control-logic reversal
control-loop conscious closure ("stranglehold")
control-singularity escape
control-system crash and reboot
control-system reset
control-vortex model-creation
controller of self-control
controller outside the spacetime system
controller outside the system
controller-circuit suspension
core logic
counterfeit egoic-sovereign
crash catastrophe
crazy train
creator of his own will
critical feedback point
cross time-slice control-grappling
cross time-slice self-trust
cross-time continuant self
cross-time control fragmentation
cross-time control testing
cross-time controller entity
cross-time ego entity
cross-time fragmentation
cross-time fragmentation or dis-integration of the controller entity
cross-time identity
cross-time object extension
cross-time self
cross-time self-alienation
cross-time self-control
cross-time self-control fragmentation
cross-time self-estrangement
cross-time self-image (ego icon)
cross-time self-trust
cross-time spersonal control dynamics
cross-time value-reaching
cross-time will-fragmentation
cruising the rapids
crystalline cross-reflection of mental constructs
crystalline ground of being
cybercontrol death
cybercontrol nexus
cybernetic control-seizure
cybernetic control-thrashing
cybernetic control-trembling
cybernetic crash-and-reboot
cybernetic death
cybernetic helm/tiller/rudder
cybernetic helmsman
cybernetic humility
cybernetic impotence
cybernetic instability
cybernetic key
cybernetic origination
cybernetic puppet
cybernetic puppeteer
cybernetic revelation
cybernetic robot/puppet/slave mode
cybernetic self-deconstruction
cybernetic self-deconstruction of self-control
cybernetic self-steering
cybernetic shaking and trembling
cybernetic slave mode
cybernetic steering power
cybernetic steersman
cybernetic steersmanship
cybernetic subject
cybernetic surveillance monitors
cybernetic systems breakdown
cybernetic thrashing
cybernetic transcendence
cybernetic trembling
cybernetic zen
daemon illusion
daemonic ego architecture
dampening of homeostatic feedback [damping]
dangerous disengagement of will/restraint
dangerous fascination
dangerous transcendence of attitude-bias
dangerous transcendence of restraint
dangerous transcendence of self-guidance
dangerously unrestrained
dangerously unrestrained
de-reification of memory
dead helmsman
dead kingship
decision paralysis
deep re-indexing of mental construct groups
deep world-model revision
deep-level symbolic re-indexing of mental constructs
deep-level symbolic reindexing
degrees of existence
delusion ballast
delusion of moral agency
delusion of sovereign agency
demonic nonresponsibility
desperate downward-looking effort
desperate futility
destabilization of self-control cybernetics
destructive dissolution of delusion
determinate stream of will-acts
dethroned by time
devastating realization
devouring block-universe
dictates of reason
diminishing-returns of personal control
direct perception
dis-appearance of time, self, and personal control
dis-conflation and splitting of perceptual layers
dis-integrated perception
dis-integration of the cross-time self
disjoint of the cause-and-effect chain
disproof of moral agency
disquieting pre-glimpsing
dissemination of sovereign life/power
dissociative cognition
dissociative cognitive state
dissociative communication resonance
dissociative pattern-recognition
dissociative perception
dissociative state
dissociative-state triggers
divine command
divine cybernetics of will
divine madness
divine psychosis
divine puppet
divine sacrifice
divine sacrifice of egoic will
divine seizure of will
doll cognition
doll consciousness
domain dynamics
downlevel power transferral
dynamic association matrixes
dynamic mental construct
dynamic mental construct association matrix
dynamic mental construct association matrixes
dynamic mental construct association sets
dynamic mental model
ecstatic surrender (standing beside)
ego agency
ego crash-and-reboot
ego death
ego induction
ego power
ego transcendence
ego-controller system
ego-entity wielding power
ego-image projection
ego-integrity-destroying vortex
ego-power self-cancellation
ego-power short-circuiting
ego-system crash
egoic agency
egoic cognition
egoic control core logic
egoic control rationality
egoic control system
egoic control-power logic
egoic cybernetic loop
egoic governing power
egoic mental mode
egoic mental model
egoic operating system
egoic operating system
egoic will
egoic-authorship fiction
egoless puppet of the universal process
embedded virtual agency
emergent virtual freedom
empty control loop
empty controller loop
empty governor loop
epiphany panic
epiphenomenal ego-entity
equivalent perceptual objects
escalating self-control war
eternal viewpoint
eventual transcendence of personal responsibility
explicit (rather than transparent) representational layer
external origin of thoughts
failure of the feeling of autonomy
false certainty feedback/buildup
false power center
false sovereign
fatal predestination
fatal realization
fate puppet
fear of destructive dis-integration
fear of insight
fear of music
fear of one's coming thoughts and actions
fear of restraint-loss
fear of thinking
fear of undamped idea-feedback
feedback and buildup of false sureness
feedback buildup
feeling of personal existence
first cause, prime mover
fixed future
fixed spacetime block
fixed stream of will-acts
fixity of fate
floating embedded in locked, stationary spacetime
floating pointer
force of reason
forced freedom
forced introspection
forced volition
forceful cross-time self-control
forceful rapture of will
forceful short-circuit proof of transcendence of personal guidance
foundation collapse
foundation pulling
fractal creation
free entity
freedom feeling
freedom-delusion conspiracy
freedom/guilt loading
freely willing individual agent
frozen agency structure
frozen block universe
frozen change
frozen dynamics
frozen freedom
frozen into the block universe
frozen stream in the block universe
frozen time-dimension
frozen timeline
frozen/fragmented worldline
functional coherence of delusion
future collision-course
future invariance
genuine moral agent
global virtual self-government
goal releasing
government illusion
grasping and apprehending the control singularity
grasping the control singularity
ground of being
group-shifting of word meanings
guilt puppet
habit suspension
hanged will
helpless unconstrainable power
heroic dose of humility
heroic puppet
heroic-mode thinking
hidden underlying level
hierarchy of control
higher and lower pattern perception
higher level of control
higher-author signature
higher-level control raping
higher-level controller
higher-level help request
higher-level invasive control
historical window of delusion
holistic cross-time ego projection
holistic predetermination
holistic time-creation
holy deja vu control breakdown seizure
holy deja-vu religious seizure
the holy spirit of cybernetic truth
homeostatic equilibrium
homeostatic reinforcement
homeostatic shift
homeostatic state shift
homuncular helmsman
homuncular steersman
human toy of the ground
hyper-amplified will
hyper-emancipated self
hypercreative vision-logic
hypervigilant resistance of imagination
hypothetical realism
illusion projection
illusory aspect
illusory nature of ego power
immobility of events
impending advancing doom
imperviousness of time-slice sub-self to cross-time control efforts
implore supplication
impossibility of posi-control
impotent hyper-power
inability to reach across time
inalterability of future will-acts
independent predestination of each time-slice
indirect author
indirect full responsibility
indirect responsibility
inescapable insight
inescapable realization
inevitable realization
inevitable revealing
inexorable thought tightening
infinite regression of control
infinite regression of self-control levels
inheritance of power
inheritance of power
inner controller
inner homunculic ego agent
inner homunculus who lives inside the head
inner instability point
innovative pattern-perception
insight apprehension
insight aversion
insight recoiling
intend and enact
intention set
interegoic control field
internal locus of control
internal will-origin projection
interpretation feedback
joyful terror
key singularity thought
kill your controllership
king ego
labyrinth of confusion
legitimate moral agents
level of control
levels of control
lie of moral agency
liquid cognition flow-filling
locked spacetime
locus of control
logical self-deconstruction of the will
long-term cross-time self
long-term self-control
long-term self-image
loose cognition
loose cognitive binding
loose cognitive binding state
loose engagement of mental model
loose mental construct binding
loosening of indexing-links
loss of control of interpretation feedback
loss of skepticism
mad cognitive scientist
maelstrom of self-destruction
maelstrom vortex
mandatory near-future time-slice trust
manual control mode
manual idea-feedback damping
maximal transgression of the egoic guidance system as proof of transcendence
mental construct
mental construct binding
mental construct binding intensity
mental construct dis-integration
mental construct layer
mental construct processing
mental construct re-indexing
mental constructs
mental control-core
mental dis-order aversion
mental event track
mental event-stream atomization
mental guiding-rail
mental icon
mental model
mental model disengagement/suspension
mental model inversion
mental model of self, world, time, and control
mental projection
mental puppet
mental representation
mental self-wrestling
mental track
mental-construct layer
mental-construct pointing
mental-construct realm
mental-habit loosening
mentally projected virtual environment
merely responsive initiation
meta apprehension
meta self-control
meta-ethical sacrifice
meta-static dynamic
meta-will problem
metaphysical freedom
metaphysical level
minotaur in the spiral maze of self-steering
miraculous delusion
mode of cognition
model of mind, self, self-control, and time
moderately compelled moderate freedom
moment-to-moment projection of the ongoing cross-time continuant self
momentary bubbles
momentary time-bubbles
moral agency
moral agent
moral agenthood
moral control-agents
moral culpability
moral cybernetic restraint
moral outlaw
moral prop
moral puppethood
moral restraint
moral reward sorting
moral robothood
moral self-restraint
moral slavehood
moral slavery
moral transcendence
morality abandonment
morality transcendence
morality transgression
morbid commitment to realizing truth
moving freely through time
mutual causality
naive animal perspective
near-future alienation
near-future fear
near-future self-distrust
no one at the bridge
no time for ego-power
no time for freedom
nondestructive ego death
nonduality of control-agent and world
nonduality of self and world
normal semi-constraint
notion feedback/buildup
origin of responsibility
outcome fatalism
outward control projection
overloaded moral culpability
paralyzed inside time
paranoia lock-on and build-up
paranoia vortex
passenger consciousness
passive, hanging awareness
pattern of mental processing
perceived locus of control
perception/control/modelling feedback
perceptual conflation
perceptual distortion
perceptual feedback loop
perceptual layers
perceptual lock-on
permitted to live
personal control across time
personal control actions
personal control agency
personal control core
personal control cybernetics
personal control guidelines
personal control-agency
personal control-power
personal control-system crash
personal guidance principles
personal guidance system
personal injunction guidance system
personal power
personal power across time
personal power-seizure
personal self-control system fragments
personal self-government
personal sovereignty
personal telepresence
personal thought-origination power
personal worldline
personhood loading
phase-lock noose
plastic perception
pleading conversation with fate
positive feedback into non-responsible hyperwill
power of choice
power paralysis
power-wielding agent
powerless passenger cognition
practical freedom
practical-freedom level
pre-authored freedom
pre-decided decision
pre-decided decision path
pre-established free acts
pre-existent future
pre-ordained static freedom
pre-ordained will
pre-pulled puppet strings
pre-set at each spacetime point
pre-set choice path
pre-set control path
pre-set control stream
pre-set freedom
pre-set injected thoughts/will
pre-set instability
pre-set path of control-events
pre-set thought-sequence playback
pre-set time-slices of stream of will
pre-set will and choice
predestined freedom
predetermined radical freedom
present mental constructs
primary authorship
primary control
primary control power
primary level of control
primary willing
prime mover
product of the completely predetermined block universe
projected ego-image
projected self-image
proof of cybernetic transcendence
proof of transcendence of self-restraint
proof of will-transcendence
psychotically creative imagination
puppet sovereign
puppet-mode acclimation
puppet-mode aversion
pure-awareness feedback
pushed-track freedom
qualified existence of ego
radical associative relinking
radical attitudinal detachment
radical detachment
radical freedom
radical puppet-freedom
radical unpredictability of predetermined control
radical unrestraint
radically forced radical freedom
radically free imagination
radically unrestrained puppet-freedom
random-belief lock-in
reality-tunnel breakout
realization aversion
realization resistance
reckless detachment
recoiling from hyperimagination
recoiling from puppet-mode
referent plane
referentless reference
reindexing of mental constructs
religious controllership exchange
religious power-exchange
remote monitoring and control
representational layer
representational level
responsible moral agency
ritual self-violation of will
robotic nonresponsibility
rulership illusion
runaway cognition
runaway freedom
runaway insightfulness
sacrifice of personal will/power to secure truth
sacrifice of primacy for truth
sacrifice of prime-mover delusion to gain truth
sacrifice of self-guidance
sacrifice of truth to buy virtual agency
sacrificial self-violation
sacrificial transgression
sacrificial transgression of the egoic will
sacrificial violation of self-will
sacrificial will-transfer
sacrificial will-transgression
salvation from the maelstrom of self-destruction
schizophrenic dis-integration
screen of perception
sea of madness
secondary authorship
secondary control
secondary control power
secondary controller
secondary power
secondary will-origination
secondhand volition
seemingly autonomous will
seizing of self-government
seizing-up of the control system
seizure of will
self detachment
self-annhilation of ego
self-cancellation of control core logic
self-cancellation of egoic power over the will
self-cancellation of personal control
self-cancellation of self-control
self-cancellation of will
self-coaxing and resistance
self-constraint transgression
self-control cancellation
self-control climbing
self-control coercion
self-control cybernetics
self-control deconstruction vortex
self-control dynamics
self-control grappling
self-control level-climbing
self-control logic vortex
self-control model
self-control re-stabilization
self-control reboot
self-control seizure
self-control short-circuiting
self-control singularity
self-control stream
self-control thrashing
self-control tunnels
self-control vortex
self-control worldline
self-control worldlines
self-deconstruction of the virtual ego
self-defeat of ego power
self-defeat of ego-power
self-government seizure
self-guidance transcendence
self-maintaining system
self-neutralizing logical collapse
self-neutralizing self-control
self-power helplessness
self-reinforcement of the egoic or transcendent worldmodels
self-reinforcing conceptual model
self-reinforcing interpretive framework
self-reinforcing thought
self-stabilizing homeostatic equilibrium
self-transgression of control
self-violation of one's will
self-violation of personal control
self-violation of will
self-willing" creatures
sense of autonomy
sense of being a self-governing entity
sense of continuity
sense of freedom
sense of metaphysical free agency
sense of personal solidity
sense of volition
sense of volitional control
sensed danger of puppethood
sensed danger of puppethood-experience
sensing great danger of puppet-mode
series of momentary solipsistic time-slice selves
serpentine control feedback loop
shaking and trembling
short-circuit self-control
short-circuiting of ego power
short-term selves
simultaneous creation
skepticism disengagement
slave of the block universe
slaved control
solipsistic implosion
solipsistic space capsule
solipsistic time-slice bubble
sovereign agent
sovereign agents
sovereign control-agent
sovereign life/power
sovereign mode
sovereign moral agency
sovereign personal agency
sovereign puppet
sovereign self-determination
sovereign will
sovereign-slave mode
space-time block
space/time/control trap
spacetime block
spacetime net
spacetime trap
split kingship/slavehood
stabilization stupidity
stabilizing anchor
stabilizing control
stabilizing factor
stable confusion
stable mental operating conditions
static [tenseless] idealism
static idealism
stationary awareness
steering mechanism
steersmanship illusion
strange attractor beacon
strange attractor of control-cancellation
strange attractor of doom and fascination
strange attractor vortex
strange attractor vortex beam
strange cybernetic loop of self-steering will
strange-attractor beacon
stream of control
stream of control actions
stream of mental events
stream of personal actions
stream of personal control-actions
stream of thought
stream of will
stream of will-acts
sub-self time-slices
substitute sacrifice for moral realization
substitute sacrifice for realization of the truth about morality
suspended in the block universe
symbolic representation
system collapse
tangible, temporal environment
tangled control-loop
telepresence body-model
temporary divine psychosis
tenseless idealism
the choosing agent
the control breakdown realization
the control singularity
the control singularity realization
the control-singularity
the cybernetic key to ego death
the ego-death singularity vortex
the ego-sovereignty effect
the freedom delusion
the freedom effect
the justice fiction
the mentally projected self-representation
the personal-authorship fiction
the principle of non-necessity of proving acceptance of other-level rulership
the sacrificed firstborn ahead of me
the seizure-trap of metaprogramming
the self-refutation of self-control
the stream of fatedness
the unchanging block universe
thought experiment
thought imposition
thought injection
thought slavery
thought-sequence playback
thunderbolt of vision-logic
tight cognition
tight cognitive binding
tight mental construct binding
tightening noose of cognitive feedback
time atomization
time axis
time collapse
time dis-integration
time fragmentation
time freezing
time strobing
time-axis freezing
time-extended self
time-extended will
time-slice bubble
time-slice grappling
time-travelling continuant agent
time-travelling ego agent
time-travelling self
time-voyaging continuant
timeless thinking
total guidance-disengagement
toy cognition
track-propelled freedom
tractor beam
trail of self
trans-ethical sacrifice
transcendence of control/restraint
transcendence of personal responsibility
transcendence of the personal motivation/control system
transcendent cognition
transcendent cognizance of cybernetic slavery
transcendent conceptual system
transcendent conceptual system lock-on
transcendent consciousness of cybernetic slavery
transcendent construct processing
transcendent control of idea-feedback
transcendent control rationality
transcendent cybernetic-slave mode
transcendent knowledge
transcendent mental mode
transcendent mental model
transcendent self-violation ability
transgression of moral superego control
transgression of personal will
transgressive action
transgressive demonstration
trembling destabilization of self-control
trumped by time
trusting subservience
unavoidable realization
unbroken chain of causality
uncontrollable feedback-buildup of ideas
uncontrollable freedom
uncontrollable notioning
uncontrollable self-reinforcement of notions
undamped feedback of notions
undamped idea-feedback
underlying block universe
underlying-determinism level
unguided power
universal predetermination
universal timeless causality
unregulated notion-feedback
unrestrained brilliance
unrestrained intellect
unrestrained power of imagination
unrestrained thinking
unstable system
unstoppable realization
violation of personal will
virtual agent
virtual autonomy
virtual control power
virtual death
virtual ego
virtual ego entity
virtual ego support integrity requirement
virtual ego system
virtual freedom
virtual homunculus
virtual moral agency
virtual moral culpability
virtual power
virtual power transferral
virtual power-transferral
virtual sacrifice
virtual self-government
virtual self-rulership
virtual sins
virtual sovereign
virtual time-spanning of control
virtual transference of sovereign will
virtual transference of sovereignty
virtual-ego projection
virtually dynamic mental constructs
virtually free moral agents
vortex construct re-discovery
vortex construct realization
vortex of self-control logic
vortex singularity point
wall of perception
wielding sovereign ego-power
will coercion
will overdrive
will puppet
will-origination death
will-violating thought experiments
window of delusion
worldline crash
worldline of personal choice actions
worldline slavery

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